Breakfast Menu  

available until 11 am


spiced fruit bread (v) 8.0 
fruit bread, lightly toasted 
eggs on toast (v) 12.0 
poached, fried or scrambled with grilled tomato 
bacon & eggs 14.5 
poached, fried or scrambled with toast and grilled tomato 
eggs benedict 
poached eggs, english muffin, hollandaise sauce 
ham benedict 14.5 
bacon benedict 15.5 
smoked salmon 17.5 
big breakfast - the lot 21.0 
bacon, fried eggs, hash brown, sausage, baked beans, 
mushrooms, grilled tomato and toast 
vegetarian delight 17.0 
poached eggs, garlic toast, hash brown, mushrooms, 
grilled tomato with hollandaise sauce 
the little people (under 12 years) 13.5 
sausage, fried egg, hash brown, baked beans and toast 
pancakes (v) (gf available upon request) 14.5 
stack of three, maple syrup, whipped cream 
toasted muesli & dried fruit 11.0 
natural yoghurt, berry compote 
chilled watermelon & mint salad (v) (gf) 9.0 
watermelon, fresh mint, sugar syrup 
spanish omelette (v) (gf) 18.0 
spanish onion, potato, peas and cheese 
breakfast extras 
button mushrooms 4.5 
sausage 4.0 
hash brown (2) 4.0 
toast 4.0 
bacon 4.0 
baked beans 4.0 

(v) vegetarian / vegetarian option available / (gf) gluten free 

Lunchtime Favourites- 'til 4pm




duck breast (gf) 39.0 
spinach, baby vegetables, sesame seeds, 
raspberry vodka blueberry jus 

lamb rump (gf) 38.5 
shallot & star anise compote, baby carrots, 
tomato confit, king mushrooms, horseradish jus 

spatchcock ballotine “two way” (gf) 36.5 
ballotine of forest mushroom mousseline, 
spinach & capsicum veloute, confit legs, roast cauliflower 
puree, truffle jus 

crispy pork belly (gf) 34.0 
white radish, caramelized beetroot, asparagus and spinach 

basil pesto linguini 31.5 
basil pesto, garlic, sun dried tomatoes, cream, white wine 
roast vegetable (v) 

chicken parmigiana 26.0 
crumbed chicken breast, basil-infused napoli, 
mozzarella, chips 


500g club steak (gf) 42.0 
msa sirloin on the bone, char grilled, baked pomme anna, 
roast cherry tomatoes 

surf n turf(gf) 43.0 
300gm msa sirloin, king prawns and fries 
garlic cream sauce 
pink peppercorn sauce 
garlic butter 


Seafood Menu

today’s local market fish (gf) 42.0 
each fillet approximately 220-240g 
please note that pin bones may be found in fish fillets 
one bay kimberley barramundi 
broome local king threadfin 
prepared one of the following ways: 
poached, steamed legumes, lemongrass, kaffir lime cream 
grilled, mango & lime coconut cream, jasmine rice 
grilled, garlic parsley butter, garden salad 
trawlers catch 36.0 
grilled w.a. prawns, lemon pepper calamari, scallops, 
grilled threadfin, tartare, chips or salad 
fish & chips 24.5 
battered fish, chips, lemon, tartare 
zanders seafood platter for two 140.0 
grilled market fish, lemon pepper calamari, grilled prawns, 
battered fish, steamed king prawns, scallops, mussels, 
kilpatrick oysters, chips, garden salad, tartare 

w.a. garlic prawns 33.0 
crushed garlic butter, white wine, steamed jasmine rice 
chilli 3 ways 5.5 
garden salad 6.5 
shoestring fries 6.5 
buttered mashed potatoes 6.5 
stir fried vegetables 8.5 



please see your waitperson for details on today’s vast selection of 
desserts including chocolate cakes, cheesecakes, muffins, tarts and 
ice-cream creations.